Our goal is to evaluate, monitor, and provide habilitative services to children with hearing loss to enable them full access to their listening environment. When a child's hearing loss is identified, intervention should begin immediately. The earlier that intervention occurs the sooner he or she can receive auditory information vital for learning speech and language. With early access to sound through the use of appropriate and consistent amplification or other hearing technology, a child's language level can follow normal development.

If you have questions about your child's hearing, an evaluation should be performed. Sunshine Cottage audiologists can perform full diagnostic testing for the identification of hearing loss.

Audiology Overview

We are committed to the early identification and intervention of hearing loss, because early access to sound is critical for the auditory brain centers to fully develop.

In the following pages you will learn more about our services including:

  • Newborn Hearing Evaluation Center Testing infants 0-six months old who did not pass their newborn hearing screening.
  • Audiology Evaluation Testing children's hearing who are six (6) months to five (5) years old when there is a concern about their hearing and speech/language development.
  • Services for Students Audiologic services for children enrolled at Sunshine Cottage.
  • Parent Infant Program: Audiologic services for children enrolled in the Parent Infant Program.
  • Extended Services Program: Audiologic services for children who are eligible and have completed fifth grade at Sunshine Cottage.

If you have questions or want to schedule an evaluation please call (210) 824-0632.

Audiology Services

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The purpose of the Newborn Hearing Evaluation Center
(NHEC) is to identify babies with hearing loss as early as
possible. Sunshine Cottage is committed to the early
identification and intervention of hearing loss, because early
access to sound is critical for the auditory brain centers to fully
  • Babies who didn’t pass the newborn hearing screening at the hospital.
  • Babies who were exposed to medicine that harms the ears. For a list of ototoxic medications click here.
  • Babies who are at risk for developing hearing loss. For a list of risk factors click here.
  • Babies who have someone in their family with hearing loss.
  • Extended Services Program: Audiologic services for children who are eligible and have completed fifth grade at Sunshine Cottage.
  • If you have any doubts about your babies’ hearing sensitivity.
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How testing is done?
  • The tests are conducted while the baby sleeps in the caregiver's arms.
  • This clinic does not use sedation.
  • The tests look at each part of the ear. For a description of the tests click here.
  • Since this is not a screening allow at least two (2) hours for a complete evaluation.
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Where is the test done?
  • In a relaxed baby friendly setting.
  • Located on the Sunshine Cottage Campus.
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What happens next?
  • The pediatric audiologist will explain the test results.
  • Appropriate recommendations will be made.
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What if a hearing loss is identified?
  • The audiologist will make a referral to an otologist.
  • The audiologist will make a referral to early intervention.
For information about Sunshine Cottages Parent-Infant Program (PIP) click here.

The pediatric audiologists at Sunshine Cottage are specialized in testing the hearing of young children, and they have the appropriate test equipment. When there's a questions about a child's hearing, family members or caregivers can call to schedule an appointment for testing with one of the seven pediatric audiologists on staff. Two audiologists generally work together to put the child and caregiver(s) at ease while gathering as much objective and subjective data as possible about the child's hearing.

Audiological services are provided to students enrolled at Sunshine Cottage (on-campus and off-campus mainstream program)
Services include:
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Routine hearing testing to monitor hearing
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Aided testing to determine performance with hearing technology
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Hearing aid programming
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Cochlear implant programming
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Fitting and troubleshooting of school FM equipment
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Daily listening checks of equipment (hearing aids, cochlear implants, BAHA, and FM) to make sure each child has access to sound
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Earmold impressions for new earmolds as needed
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Use of loaner equipment (hearing aids, cochlear implants, and FM system) if personal equipment is broken or when trying new technology

At Sunshine Cottage, we serve as the child’s primary audiologist. Our goal is to make sure that each student has full-time access to sound, which is necessary for optimal speech and language development.

The ESP is offered to provide limited audiology and speech services to children who have completed 5th grade at Sunshine Cottage and are giong to their home school district. The limited services will be defined in a contract with the intent of assisting students in their continued sucess in their home school district, gradually transitioning students/parents into services provided by other practitioners in the San Antonio area, and promoting independence and self-advocacy.

Uses a probe in the ear canal and a computer to record responses to sound from the hearing pathways in the brainstem. Tones of different pitches are used so hearingaids can be appropriately fit (if necessary).

A test to check for eardrum movement and identify a possible hole in the eardrum, fluid in the ear, etc.

Multifrequency Tympanometry
In order to get accurate tympanometry results, a different test tone is required for tympanometry with children 12 months and younger.

Measures muscle reaction in the ear to loud sounds.

Uses a probe in the ear canal and a computer to record response to sounds from the hearing organ (cochlea).

This type of testing requires experienced pediatric audiologist(s) for interpretation of a child’s behavior. As early as possible, it is important to know how soft a child can hear.

Depending on the child’s age and abilities, one of these types of testing is done:

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Behavioral Observation Audiometry (BOA-development of three (3) months old+
Look for changes in a baby’s behavior when sound is presented (for example: starts sucking on a pacifier, stops sucking on a pacifier, startles to a loud sounds)
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Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA-development of six (6) months old-2 ½ years old)
A child is trained to turn his/her head toward a toy in response to sound
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Conditioned Play Audiometry (development of two and a half (2 ½) years old to five (5) years old +)
A child is trained to respond to sound while playing a listening game.

What to Expect

You will be greeted and escorted to the audiology department where you will complete paperwork. Please come 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment in order to complete paperwork. Please print and complete forms and bring to your appointment.

Once paperwork is completed, an audiologist will meet with you. Our pediatric audiologists are here to give your child the highest service and evaluation.

It is important to follow all test prepartion instructions. If your baby is having ABR testing, please make sure to bring your baby awake, sleep deprived, hungry, and have comforting items (bottle, blanket, pacifier, and diapers).

After the evaluation, our team will take the time with your child and family to review all test results, answer any questions, and make sure that your child's needs are met through a series of recommendations.

All major insurance carriers are accepted. For more information, please contact the Audiology Evaluation Coordinator.

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