Parent-Infant Program

Welcome to the Parent-Infant Program at Sunshine Cottage. Thank you for taking this first, brave step toward getting the best education for your hearing-impaired infant. From our initial meeting to enrollment to your infant’s first ear mold fitting, our PIP team is here to provide guidance and support for your infant and your family, every step of the way. We understand how difficult this process can be and have a support system in place to make this transition as smooth as possible. Not only will your infant be a part of an amazing world-renowned program, but the tuition will be at no cost to you.

The Parent-Infant Program works hand in hand with every department in our school so that your infant receives a comprehensive education. Our goal is to have a consistent team devoted to your infant’s care and education. Your team of advisors, teachers, and medical professionals will have an open communication with your family and will always have your infant’s best interest in mind.

The Parent-Infant Program is:

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For parents of infants newborn to three years of age with hearing impairment.
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Parent-focused, child-driven and center-based.
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Free of charge and includes audiological education and management.
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Built around your child’s team: You, your Parent-Infant Advisor, Audiologist, Otologist and Early Childhood Intervention Provider (E.C.I.)
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Staffed by Parent-Infant Advisors who hold Masters degrees, are deaf education certified and are highly skilled in auditory-verbal principles, practices and strategies.

The PIP Commitment

The Parent-Infant Program at Sunshine Cottage provides parent-focused, child-driven and center-based intervention in a warm, comfortable, home-like setting. We recognize and empower parents as the individuals primarily responsible for developing their baby’s oral communication skills by integrating listening into the infant’s personality through natural daily routines. Our PIP parents learn about hearing loss, effective use of amplification and strategies for developing spoken language.

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Support and encourage parents and serve as case managers coordinating educational and audiological management.
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Conduct individualized weekly therapy sessions with one monthly home visit.
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Facilitate Parent Group meetings each month
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Focus on issues and concerns for all parents, regardless of hearing ability and to provide an opportunity for you to see how your child is developing on a typical continuum. Childcare and food provided at each meeting.
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Coordinate and provide My Family and Me sessions, (1 ½ hour session, five (5) times a year)

Your Commitment

Our PIP team understands how intensive a parent’s involvement must be for their child to receive a good education. Our parents are equally committed to helping their infant learn to LISTEN and TALK. The programs and services offered are designed to directly involve the participation of our parents. Our time spent with your infant is limited and the majority of their education will need to be reinforced by you and your family. Working with your infant on a daily basis is imperative and the key to improving their listening and speaking skills.

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Ensure use of hearing technology during all waking hours
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Dedicate time to talking, playing, singing and listening to your child
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Attend individual weekly meetings (1-1 ½ hours per week)
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Practice strategies learned in sessions
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Attend one Parenting Group meeting once a month
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Attend My Family and Me sessions (1 ½ hour sessions, meets five (5) times a year)
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