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This is a technology class held after school on Tuesday's starting at 3:25 pm beginning January 31st through the end of the school year.

This class is open to 3rd through 5th grade students.
We will cover topics such as, online citizenship, how a computer works both on the hardware and software side, current events involving technology, programming, video game development, app creation, and, of course, the history of how our technology came to be and where it's going in the future.

Class Notes and News

Next Class (05.23.2017) is Our Last TAS Class for the Year

Just wanted everyone to know that next week is our last TAS class.

We'll have a wrap-up of what we're learned so far and have a little party.

Class Notes: 05.16.2017 - 3D Print Making

We learned a little more about 3D modeling in today's class. I showed the kids what boolean operations are within a 3D modeling environment.

We used the online tool www.tinkercad.com to make a chicken-rabbit-plane (their free-flow idea). TinkerCad allows you to make a free account and actually export your model to be printed on a 3D printer.

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