2017-2018 Updates

It's a new school year and there are lots of fun things to discuss!

  • Brand new teacher iPads!
    • Make them your own.
    • You may take them home and add your own apps you have purchased from the App Store
  • New cameras!
  • Batteries
    • I have purchased quite a few new rechargeable batteries
    • If you need backups please let me know
    • Each teacher should have at least 6 AA batteries. 2 for the mouse, 2 for the keyboard, and 2 charging in the charger
  • New 3-D printer in Elementary!
    • Go check out the new 3-D printer in Mr. Pfeifer's room! It's pretty amazing what we can do with it!
    • I look forward to seeing how it's used in the classroom.
  • New ClearTouch Smart Panels in Elementary!
    • Please swing by Mr. Pfeifer's room and check out the new smart panels and software we are looking at.
    • We have 3 on order for 3rd - 5th to start!
    • The software is called Snowflake
    • Check out an overview here:
  • 3rd - 5th classrooms will have bluetooth keyboards for student iPads
  • New stylus’ for iPads
    • 3rd - 5th
  • New “All School Calendar” to view school events
    • This is a calendar created to be shared with all of the employees of Sunshine Cottage to keep everyone informed of all the events and guests we host
    • Department heads will be able to edit this calendar
    • I will be rolling it out to everyone over the next week
  • We will be FaceBook Living events throughout the year!
    • We need to remember to add all those weekly events to the All School Calendar so we know to promote the Facebook Live
    • Each department needs to choose a dedicated contributor to the calendar

Please let me know if there are any extras you need.

Power cords, batteries, charging cables... make a list and email it to me so I can get you what you need.