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At Sunshine Cottage, children with hearing loss become part of a community centered on enriching lives and improving listening, language and speech. Every child is embraced by our dedicated staff and provided with the necessary skills to learn in a rich auditory-oral environment. All children and their families benefit from the outstanding educational environment and strong support system spanning their Sunshine Cottage experience.



Sunshine Cottage offers a unique and specialized learning environment with excellent support services and teaching staff. More than eighty percent of our certified teaching professionals have graduate degrees thereby offering children the finest learning environment available in South Texas.

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Audiology / Speech

Our goal is to evaluate, monitor, and provide habilitative services to children with hearing loss to enable them full access to their listening environment. When a child's hearing loss is identified, intervention should begin immediately.

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Parent Infant Program (PIP)

From our initial meeting to enrollment to your infant’s first ear mold fitting, our PIP team is here to provide guidance and support for your infant and your family, every step of the way.

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Education Products

Sunshine Cottage produces exceptional educational products used all over the world! Our qualified staff has created a variety of materials available for purchase.

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